My Favorite Mood-Boosting Music

This has been a tough week for me. I feel tired and dragged down, and the chilly, gray, rainy days we’ve had are only intensifying my dour mood. I am having trouble sticking to my routine and can’t seem to push myself to get things done. I have no energy left to put effort into anything except for the absolute bare minimum expected of me. Instead of admonishing myself for having a bit of a wasted week (which would certainly only make me feel even worse), I’m just accepting the fact that some weeks are just like this. It’s Friday, and I can start to let this week just fade away behind me and look forward to the next one.

In the meantime, I’m turning back to my tried-and-true method of mood boosting: Paul Simon’s Graceland. I posit that it is nearly impossible to feel low when this album is playing. It is my go-to anytime I need a quick pick-me-up to energize me for the day. I am listening to it this morning and looking forward to feeling more rested and back to normal next week. I plan to usher in May with a good mood.

What is your favorite mood-boosting music?



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