An App For Anxiety

Do you get anxious, suffer from panic attacks, or just generally feel so overwhelmed sometimes that you have trouble calming down? There are lots of great apps available to help you manage anxiety symptoms and restore calm.

Breathe, by ReachOut* is one such app.

2016-02-17 09.25.05


It measures your heart rate and then guides you through a breathing series to help you slow and control your breathing, which helps bring your heart rate back down. It is basically a digital version of  breathing into a brown paper bag.

2016-02-17 09.25.18.png

You can choose the duration of your breathing exercise, and the app will guide you through breathing in, holding in your breath, and exhaling to slow and steady your breathing.

2016-02-17 09.25.25.png

2016-02-17 09.25.46.png

After you finish the breathing exercises, the app measures your heart rate again (by registering your pulse when you place your finger over your phone’s camera) and you can see the difference for yourself, or continue with the breathing sequence if your heart rate is still elevated.


*This is not a sponsored post. More Well has no affiliation with ReachOut.

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